Craving Cold

This has been a hot summer. Leaving me missing the changing of the leaves and the cool crisp days of the East. It has me wanting a cold space to retreat to. I remember building little igloos with my brother in the fields as kids. There's nothing like being bundled for 40 below and just blanketing yourself in the fluffy snow. How great would it feel to have one of these to crawl into...

I'm sure I'll be craving the heat in a couple months, but for now I will dream of fur blankets and Baileys and coffee...

"Buy less, buy better, and really wear it."

     My job consists of a few levels... ready to wear, tailoring, and custom. The lines that defines these often blur.
     Lately that line has disappeared with one of my favorite items, the men's Button Down. It is a standard fit, which I adjust slightly to each customer, and colors and fabrics are completely customizable.
Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Base color: Grey cotton chambray
Accent color: Navy cotton with teal, purple, and gold print
Teal topstitching and Grey pearl snaps

Base color: Blue cotton chambray
Accent color: Caramel corduroy on shoulder yokes. Brown, olive, cream floral print on neck, under collar, and inside pockets and cuffs
Beige topstitching and white pearl snaps

Base color: Blue cotton chambray
Accent color: Blue, green, cream floral print
(I used the reverse side of the print to lighten it and add a worn and torn touch)
Gold Topstitching and white pearl snaps

The Beginning

I am a lover of all things fashion and on a constant search for inspiration. This blog is my way of letting others into my world, to see what motivates/ inspires me, with hopes of bringing a little of that festivity to someone else. Or maybe just give a better understanding of myself. I hope you enjoy!